Our CNC controlled and flexibly programmable wire laying machines guarantee highly reproducible antennas, which, depending on the type of chip used, enable close (proximity) and medium (vicinity) reading distances.

The antennas are laid in one of the multilayer foils and welt to our own contactless    C3 module resulting in good optical card appearance and long card life time.

In addition to ISO specified cards we produce our own contactless key fobs in the same production lines: PI key fob

This high-end antenna technology is also the basis of our own dual-interface cards using our DIS technology. The module is reliably soldered to the antenna contacts.

We also use our wire-laying technology to manufacture dual-interface cards with inductive coupling into which a coil-on-module (COM) is embedded.


Our portfolio is completed by automatically produced smart label cards with a printed antenna. We have also set up our own automated production line for these cards.


All contactless memory and processor chips following ISO standards 14443 and 15693 are used in our standard process.

HF cards from our production have proven themselves as electronic tickets in public transport, as multifunctional employee ID cards and in many areas of applications where secure logical and physical identification is required.

Smart label cards are mainly used for barrier-free access to ski areas or other leisure facilities.

You will find our overview about chip types and materials here:   PI contactless and PI Dual-Interface

Resulting from a project to detect the NFC functionality of a device we developed our NFC Sensor Card. Using this card, the NFC field of a mobile device or a reader can be verified.

Please find our description herePI NFC Sensor Card