Our Philosophy

Thales DIS BPS Deutschland GmbH has specialized in the development, design, manufacturing and sales of high quality and durable contactless, contact and dual-interface smart cards.

On the base of high technological competence and comprehensive understanding of the requirements of our customers, we serve different markets and customer groups. Our company is big enough to realize worldwide projects using our reliable partner network and small enough as well to use our flexibility to quickly implement ideas and customer requests into marketable products.

Our thoughtful and progressive investment policy allows the development and production of new, technologically leading products. Our employees (skilled workers, engineers and scientists) identify with their role and take responsibility for their work.  

For the production of cards and transponders, evaluated and modified series equipment are available as well as special machines which were designed, developed and evaluated based on the guidelines of ISO 9001- 2015.

Most of our equipment is in-house development and partially also in-house production. This enables modularity and flexibility in production and thus a quick and customer-oriented reaction to market demands.

Respect of resources and careful use of them is core policy of our company and is respected by all employees.