Quality and Security

Thales DIS BPS Deutschland develops, manufacture and sells transponders and cards as contactless, contact or dual-interface smart cards with highly stable and particularly durable foil materials in all temperature ranges for access and security applications. Our product range is completed by preliminary products (inlays) for passport and identity card applications. Our contactless and dual-interface cards are passive transponders in the NF, HF and UHF frequency ranges. All our products are 100% tested for electrical function or customer specifically programmed.

Our production begins with the manufacture of contactless modules in self-developed module housings. Inlay are produced for the LF, HF and UHF- frequency range using our automated in-house lines. Special inlay material is used for passport and identity documents. The final card production is carried out on the most modern equipment using processes specially modified for our contactless products.

Our customers can choose from a wide variety of additional features such as re-writable (TRW) foils, Iriodin – and metallic colors, kinegrams, magnetic stripes, cliché embossing, signature fields, perforations and customer specific options.     

Fully automatic security coding for contactless, contact and dual-interface semiconductors in all frequency ranges complete our services.

With our highly qualified employees, we develop hardware, software and processes in-house. We have the necessary modern equipment, laboratories and special analytics for research, development and quality assurance at our disposal.

We work on the basis of standards such as CE, ISO 14021, EN 10204, REACH, ROHS and are certified according to ISO 9001- 2015 and ISO 14001- 2000. These standards are not just manuals, they are daily practice by all our employees. This has enabled us to build very long-term customer relationships.

Security areas of our production carry BSI (EAL4+) certification. Product and software certifications from Arsenal (AIT), ITSO, CETECOM, Legic® and  VDV-KA testify our high technical standards for our products and services.